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Online Banking

Bank Anywhere, Anytime

You’re on the go every day. Your money should go with you. Manage your accounts via computer, phone or tablet, on every major web browser. Verify balances, pay bills, and transfer amounts, whenever you like.

Your Convenience

Transfer funds. Send money. Access and manage all your accounts by computer, phone or tablet.

Your Security

Your privacy and account security are always paramount at Home Federal Bank.

Your Bill Payments

Pay your bills with a simple click or two, plus tracking. Eliminate paper bills, checks and stamps.

Your Transfers

Transfer funds between your accounts and review previous transfers, anytime.

Your Statements

Eliminate clutter with organized electronic statements, easily accessible when you need them.

Mobile Banking

Home Federal’s online banking customers have immediate access to our full suite of mobile banking apps—for both iPhone and Android phones and downloadable at both app stores.

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Mobile Check Deposit

It Doesn’t Get Any Easier

Depositing a check has never been faster or simpler. With Home Federal’s fee-free service. All it takes is a smartphone and photos of the front and back of the check.

Mobile Check Deposit 101

Pay Someone

Conveniently send money to anyone within minutes without the recipient setting up an account or downloading a thing.

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Voice Banking

A New Way to Access Your Account

Home Federal Voice Banking gives you another convenient way to interact with your account digitally.

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Get Rid of All the Paper

Electronic Statements are good for lots of reasons… you reduce paper waste, have easy online access, and increase your account security.

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Mobile-Friendly Website

If you feel like you’ve got too many apps, you might elect to simply use the mobile-friendly version of our website. There’s nothing to download, and you’ll enjoy a similar experience to what the app provides—automatically—though you can always elect to return to the full site. To toggle back to the mobile-friendly version, go mobile.

My Spending

You can take charge of your spending, set limits, plan a budget, achieve your savings goals and get customized feedback with quick answers to important questions about your finances, like the following:

  • How much can I spend today without impacting my scheduled bill payments?
  • How much have I spent on groceries, restaurants and entertainment this week?
  • How close am I to hitting my monthly spend limit on clothing?
  • Where did this recent charge occur?

Text Banking

At Home Federal, we’d like to meet you where you are—so if you already do everything by text, why not try text banking? You can use it to access your account information quickly and conveniently. Check your balance, review recent transactions and more.

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