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Home Federal Bank’s Trust Division has a dedicated staff that combines competent expertise and substantial experience with caring service, for a unique experience. Our professionals are well educated in their focal areas and emphasize exceptional commitment to our customers, regularly exceeding their expectations. Our Trust Division offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of individuals, businesses, foundations and government entities.

Personal Trust

We’re here to combine competence and sincere concern for the needs of our customers with a plan for their success. Our professionals provide sound advice and guidance in these areas: investment management, trust administration, estate consultation & administration, and individual retirement accounts.
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Retirement Services

The Home Federal Bank Trust Division is a leading provider of retirement planning services in the East Tennessee region. Our dedicated and experienced staff works closely with customers to tailor a specifically designed program for the needs of the firm or individual.
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Trust Management Team

Built to serve our customers, we provide some of the most caring, service-minded, experienced and capable professionals in our region.
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Trust Update Newsletter

Retirement Readiness

Life is full of “first” experiences to be cherished, and “first” experiences we may wish we had avoided.

New “first” experiences continue to arise as we age, from wonderful experiences such as the birth of a grandchild to dreaded experiences such as aching joints and adjusting to new physical limits. But we don’t have to touch the stove to learn that it’s hot, we can learn that from others’ experiences too.

A guide to our trust services

Trusts are not as mysterious as most people seem to think, and technological advances have made trust-based financial planning accessible to more and more families. That’s one reason why discussions of trusts seem to be popping up in the popular press more and more.

Investing – Steady Hands

“This time it’s different.” That’s a phrase we usually associate with market tops. Just before the internet investment bubble burst, for example, we heard rosy economic forecasts and excellent rationalizations for inflated stock values. As we know, markets will right themselves; bubbles will burst. 

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