Additional Products & Services

Phone Home

Try our voice-activated banking system.

If you’d prefer to check your account balances quickly and easily with merely the sound of your own voice, our Phone Home system is perfect for you.

Simply call (865) 687-HOME (865-687-4663). It’s easy and convenient. While you’re there, you can:

  • Check on your withdrawals, deposits, balances, loans and ATM transactions
  • Stop payments and see if checks have cleared

Wire Transfers

Domestic wire services are available to all Home Federal customers, while international wire services are only available to our commercial customers.

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Safe Deposit Boxes

Available at all offices except the Market Street Office.

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Night Depository

Night depository services are available at all Home Federal Bank branch offices. This service allows our bank to serve customers’ security needs after normal business hours. A night depository vault is available for customer deposits and payments. Lock bags are available for merchants who wish to make nightly deposits or use the depository for safekeeping.

The customer must sign the proper night depository agreement before the keys and lock bags (which require a fee) are issued.

The night depository vault is checked every business day. Each item is verified under dual control and processed for immediate credit.

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