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Protect your money and yourself from fraud

Staying in control of your debit cards has never been more important. Manage your family finances, while protecting your card and yourself from fraud. Use our app to receive real-time transaction alerts and set customized usage controls.

Debit Card Alerts

Alerts will notify you when a transaction is made with your debit card by sending a Push Notification directly to your phone. You choose which debit alerts you wish to see.

Available alerts include:

  • All transactions
  • Transaction Amount: when a transaction meets or exceeds a set amount
  • Merchant Type: when card is used at certain types of businesses
  • Transaction Type: when certain transaction types are done such as ATM withdrawals or Online
  • Transaction Locations: when transactions occur outside of my customized regions

Use alerts to:

  • Combat fraud: Near real-time speed of transaction alerts allows you to be aware of potential fraud immediately
  • Budgeting: Set spend limits and be notified when you go over
  • Prevent overdraft fees: understand your spending habits
  • Detect merchant errors: see your transactions immediately
  • Turn alerts on/off at your convenience

Debit Card Controls

Card Controls allows you to control how, when, and where your debit card is used.

Use Card Controls to:

  • Lock your card in seconds if you think you may have lost your card or it was stolen
  • Limit card usage to not exceed specified $ threshold (can be customized at any time)
  • Limit card usage to only certain merchants (Gas stations, Grocery Stores, etc.)
  • Limit card usage to only certain types of transactions (In-Store, Online, etc.)
  • Only allow card usage in certain geographical locations, and adjust when you go on vacation

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