Our Team

All-Pro Lending & Real Estate Teams Assembled for Your Success

Home Federal Bank has a deep bench of highly qualified and experienced lending and real estate experts who are well versed in every aspect of your financial needs and eager to help you get there. Get in touch today for your risk-free, obligation-free, completely free consultation. We’re here to help you accomplish your goals for tomorrow, today. Our team includes:

Commercial Lending Services

Jonathan Mayfield, a Home Federal Bank employee
Jonathan Mayfield (865) 541-6544 Market Street Office
Andy Self
Andy Self (865) 541-6978 Market Street Office
Nissa Williams, a Home Federal Bank employee
Nissa J. Williams NMLS# - 519882 (865) 541-6010 Market Street Office
Andy Luttrell, a Home Federal Bank employee
Andy Luttrell NMLS# - 519848 (865) 541-6094 Market Street Office
Ryan King
Ryan King (865) 541-6835 Market Street Office

Commercial Real Estate Lending Services

Randall Capps, a Home Federal Bank employee
Randall Capps (865) 541-6433 Market Street Office
Brian Norris, a Home Federal Bank employee
Brian Norris (865) 541-6464 Market Street Office
Patrick Gass, a Home Federal Bank Employee
Patrick Gass (865) 428-4212 Sevierville Office
Ryan Massie, a Home Federal Bank employee
Ryan Massie (865) 541-5664 Market Street Office
Patrick Abbott
Patrick Abbott (865) 541-6593 Market Street Office
Eric Brantley, Home Federal Bank Employee
Eric Brantley (865) 541-6064 Market Street Office
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