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Bauer Award

Home Federal Bank has received a 5-star stability rating by BauerFinancial Inc. every year for 30+ years. This accomplishment is shared by fewer than 10% of the nation’s banks.

Earning a 5-star rating indicates that we are a safe, financially sound bank. Earning and maintaining this top rating gives us the added title of “Exceptional Performance Bank,” a status reserved for institutions that have earned Bauer’s highest rating consistently for over 10 consecutive years.

Strength and Stability

We are proud to have received the highest possible rating from BauerFinancial Inc., the leading authority in rating banks. Our five star rating reflects our 99 plus years of prudent, responsible management, resulting in the fact that we have never shown a loss in our financial statements.

What it Takes

As a neutral and independent organization, Bauer does not accept payments for ratings or allow institutions to opt out of the rating process. Bauer evaluates financial institutions based on a strict set of criteria, drawing from data reported to federal regulators.

Ratings are based on the following:

  • Federal regulatory capital requirements
  • Profitability/loss trend
  • Level of delinquent loans, charge-offs and repossessed assets
  • Market versus book value of the investment portfolio
  • Regulatory supervisory agreements
  • Community reinvestment rating (CRA)
  • Historical data
  • Liquidity

Bauer 5-star rating

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