Lending FAQs

  1. When can I cancel my Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)?
    When you can drop your PMI insurance depends on when your loan originated, your current loan-to-value ratio, and in some cases what type of loan you have, such as THDA, Fannie Mae, conventional, etc. Please direct any questions to your servicing provider at (865) 544-3860.

  2. Whom do I contact for payoff inquiries?
    Our payoff department staff can be contacted Monday - Thursday between 8:30 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. and on Fridays until 6:00 P.M at (865) 544-3909. If you would like to receive only balance information, you may call our voice response system at (865) 687-4663.

  3. Whom do I call for all other servicing issues?
    Please direct all calls through our receptionist at (865) 544-3860, and you will be connected with the person or persons that can best help you.

  4. What do I do if I lose my loan payment coupon book?
    You can call (865) 544-3860 and we will order a new coupon book for you.

  5. Can I set my loan payment up to be automatically drafted from another account?
    In most instances you can set your loan payment up to be drafted from a checking or savings account you have with Home Federal Bank. We can also draft your account from another financial institution. Please contact us at (865) 544-3860 if you would like to inquire about drafting from an existing Home Federal account. You may contact our customer service area at (865) 546-0910 if you would like to inquire about drafting from an account you have with another financial institution.

  6. I do not understand my escrow analysis; how can I make sense of it?
    The escrow analysis is made up of three parts:

    1. Projection for the coming year:
      The projection will estimate, based on the last amounts paid for each escrow item, how much we need to collect each month to be able to pay these escrow items. The projection will also show if your account has a shortage or an overage. You will typically have a shortage if we have paid out higher amounts than previously collected (shown on the projection copy).

    2. Account History:
      The account history will show the detailed history of the actual activity in the escrow account (payments made to escrow and payments made from the escrow account).

    3. Projection Copy:
      The projection copy is an exact duplicate of the escrow analysis projection that was sent the previous year. This copy is to be used to compare the amounts collected and paid or estimated from the prior year to those that are to be collected for the next year, shown on the current projection.

  7. I do not understand the index information on my adjustable rate loan. How can I get additional information about the index?