Time for a New Home?

Consider these mortgage loan basics, first.

It always helps to have a team you can trust, especially when you’re embarking on the complex journey of first-time homeownership. The right professionals can make all the difference. Before you begin to assemble your team, here are some pointers for what to expect and how to handle it.

Mortgage Pre-qualification

Find out how much you can borrow, which will give you more leverage when making an offer.

Real Estate Agents

Good agents know the market, have a great reputation and references, and listen to your needs.

Finding Your Perfect Home

Make a list of must-haves, would-like-to-haves and moon shots. Determine what you can afford.

Making an Offer

Agents take offers to sellers. After price determination, a purchase agreement will define terms. 

Home Inspections

After a price is agreed upon, hire a professional inspector to reveal more details on the property.


Lenders require a formal written assessment (or appraisal) by a licensed real estate appraiser.

Title Insurance

Title insurance protects the lender (required) and buyer (optional) if ownership confusion arises.


At closing, agents coordinate and distribute paperwork and funds, as ownership is transferred.

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We’ve assembled a handy assortment of loan and rate calculators to help you make rough calculations around your circumstances and needs—to reach a starting point for a conversation.

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