Debit Cards

Visa® Debit Card

Experience A New Level of Service & Convenience

A Home Federal Bank VISA® Debit Card* opens a whole new world saving you time and money, and it's safer than carrying cash.

A Home Federal Bank VISA® Debit Card* and your Home Federal Bank checking account work together, providing the convenience of cash with the security of a check. You can use it every day whenever you need money. Use it to:

  1. Get cash from an ATM
  2. Make purchases at any merchant with a pin pad
  3. Make purchases wherever you see the VISA® logo
  4. Use in place of a check

Your Home Federal Bank VISA® Debit Card* may look like a credit card, but it isn't and it cannot be used to obtain credit. When you use your VISA® Debit Card, the amount of money you select is "debited" or deducted from the balance in your Home Federal Bank checking account.

  • Works Like a Check
  • Safer Than Cash
  • Convenient
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Replaces Your Checkbook

Every time you write a check to make even a simple purchase, it takes a lot of time. You need your checkbook, pen and your required I.D. Then, you wait for the check approval process.

Your Home Federal Bank VISA® Debit Card* is much easier! In seconds, your purchase is complete and includes a detailed receipt on your checking statement. And the next time you reorder your checks, think about the money you could save by writing fewer checks.

Because the VISA® Debit Card* is not a credit card, there is no interest to pay or balances to pay off.

It's Also Your ATM Card!

Use your VISA® Debit Card* in any Home Federal Bank ATM to obtain cash and never pay a fee. Your card also works in any ATM machine displaying the STAR, American Express, Plus, Discover or Cirrus logo in the U.S. or worldwide wherever you travel. These transactions do involve a small charge when used in any machine other than a Home Federal Bank ATM.

For lost or stolen cards call

(Available 24 hours-7 Days per week).

*Subject to approval. See current schedule of charges and fees.