Deposit Rates

Effective Date 05/17/2022 through 05/23/2022

All rates subject to change without notice.

Deposit Rates

Account TypeRate1APY2Min to OpenMin Balance to Earn APY2Min Balance to Avoid Monthly Maintenance FeeMin Balance to Avoid Dormant Fees4
Statement Savings30.05%0.05%$100.00$50.00$50 min balance or
$2.00 per month
Christmas Club Savings30.05%0.05%$1.00$1.00NONE / NO min balance$500.00
Regular Checking0.00%0.00%$100.00N/A$100.00 min balance or
$2.00 per month and
.25 per check processed
regardless of balance
Student Checking
For students under the age of 23
0.00%0.00%$100.00N/ANO min balance
.25 per check processed
after 10th check regardless of balance
HomeFree Checking0.00%0.00%$100.00N/ANo min balance$700.00
NOW Account Checking
Only available to Consumers
0.01%0.01%$100.00$1.00$700.00 or $7.00 per month$700.00
Over 55 Checking
NOW Account Available to Seniors 55 or older
0.01%0.01%$100.00$1.00No min balance$700.00
HomePlus Platinum/Diamond Checking
Diamond account available to Seniors 55 or older
0.01%0.01%$100.00$0.00-$2,499.00NO min balance
$10.00 per month Platinum
$5.99 per month Diamond
both accounts charged regardless of balance
0.01%0.01% $2,499.01 - $24,999.00
0.01%0.01% $24,999.01 - $99,999.00
0.01%0.01% $99,999.01 - $999,999.00
0.01%0.01% Over $999,999.00
Money Market Investment0.05%0.05%$100.00$0.00 - $2,499.00$100.00 min balance or
$2.00 per month
0.05%0.05% $2,499.01 - $24,999.00
0.05%0.05% $24,999.01 - $99,999.00
0.07%0.07% $99,999.01 - $999,999.00
0.07%0.07% Over $999,999.00
Health Savings Account (HSA)0.01%0.01%$1.00$0.00 - $4,999.00NO min balance$500.00
0.01%0.01% $4,999.01 - $9,999.00
0.01%0.01% $9,999.01 - $24,999.00
0.01%0.01% $24,999.01 - $99,999.00
0.03%0.03% Over $99,999.00
  • Interest is compounded daily and paid monthly, except Christmas Club accounts.
  • Christmas Club–Interest is compounded daily and paid with the annual club payout or at account closure.
  • The daily balance method is used to calculate interest; applies a daily periodic rate to the principal each day.
  • Fees may reduce earnings.
  • Accounts closed before interest is credited will receive accrued interest.
  • Interest may be withdrawn after it is credited, excluding Health Savings Accounts.
  • Rates are determined at the bank’s discretion. APYs and rates may change any time after the account is opened.
  • Tiered rate accounts are paid the stated interest rate that corresponds to the applicable tier on the full balance in the account.
  • 1RATE=Interest Rate
  • 2APY=Annual Percentage Yield
  • 3Interest begins to accrue on the business day you deposit noncash items (e.g. checks). All other accounts, interest begins to accrue no later than the business day we receive credit for the deposit of noncash items.
  • 4$2.00 monthly dormant fee if date of last activity is after: Checking types-1yr, Money Market-2yrs, Savings & HSA types-3yrs.

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