Voice Banking

How to Get Started

What you'll need to get started

Voice Banking uses the Alexa Skills Service

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Any Alexa device (e.g. Echo Dot)
  • You must have your own personal Amazon account
  • Mobile Device with Amazon Alexa app installed
  • Internet Access
  • Valid Access ID and Passcode
What Can I Ask Alexa?

Enable Skill

There are 2 ways to find your Voice Banking Skill
  1. Launch the Amazon Alexa app > Go to Skills & Games > Use the search field to search “Home Federal” to find Home Federal Bank Voice Banking.
    Voice Banking with Alexa
  2. From your Alexa Device > say “Alexa, open Home Federal Bank” **Note: you will still be required to complete account linking

Link Account

To complete account linking
  1. Sign into the Alexa app using your Amazon credentials
  2. Navigate to Home Federal’s Alexa skill page (refer to step 1 above)
  3. Click Enable to use
  4. Leave Device Country and Postal Code checked and click Save Permissions
  5. Click Settings
  6. Click Link Account
  7. Enter your login credentials and answer your security question
  8. Accept Terms and Conditions
  9. Create a spoken passcode (4-digit numeric).  This spoken passcode is required to access account balances.

Voice Banking Skill FAQs

After 3 failed attempts, you can reset their PIN by re-linking their Mobile Banking account in the Alexa app.

Voice Banking ensures secure and convenient connectivity by utilizing your existing digital banking access ID & passcode. In order to use voice banking securely, end users will need to complete account linking from the Alexa app in order to hear your account balances.

Depending on your institution’s online banking security, you may need to login to online banking to answer additional security information and then navigate back to the Alexa App to complete account linking.

If you are still unable to retrieve your account information using Voice Banking, go to your Alexa App> navigate to Skills & Games> select your institution’s Voice Banking skill> Disable Skill> select Enable to Use> select Save Permissions> choose settings> click Link Account and you’ll be directed with the account linking flow.

No, money movement is not available at this time. Users can easily and securely check their available balance, their spendable balance, and ask common questions of your institution from any Alexa compatible device.

Voice pin is always required when asking Alexa for secure account information. Some Alexa invocation or intent may prompt for voice pin when using words such as “my”.

For example, instead of saying “Alexa, ask Home Federal Bank – what is my routing number” try “Alexa, ask Home Federal Bank – what is the routing number”.

The more you use Alexa, the smarter the service gets by adapting to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences.

Data from a diverse range of customers also helps ensure Alexa works well for everyone. Alexa uses NLU (natural language understanding) . Help Amazon improve their voice services by providing feedback within your Voice History.

Voice History shows your voice interactions with Alexa.  This feature can help you better understand how Alexa works and what Alexa is and is not recording.

You can also use it to recall answers Alexa gave you previously. If Alexa makes a mistake, you can use this feature to see what may have gone wrong, such as whether Alexa misunderstood a particular word or phrase.

You can access Alexa’s Voice History by visiting Settings > Alexa Privacy > Review Voice History in the Alexa app or https://www.amazon.com/alexaprivacysettings

*Amazon and Alexa are trademarks of Amazon.com Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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