Pay Someone

The ultraconvenient, money-sending service by Home Federal Bank.

Conveniently send money to anyone within minutes without the recipient setting up an account or downloading a thing.

Pay Someone

is the quick and easy way to safely send money to anyone using only their email or phone number. It works with your already existing online account and mobile banking app and it’s completely free1.


Only an email address or phone number is required. No account information is ever shared.


No new app or login needed. Payments are sent using your existing online account or mobile banking app.


Money is available within minutes when received via debit card.


Pay Someone is completely free1 of charge.

Online Banking – Click “Pay Someone” in the accounts menu. Mobile Banking – Under “More” tap “Pay Someone.”

  • Pay Someone is available in Online Banking by clicking “Pay Someone” in the accounts menu or in Mobile Banking under “More” and tapping “Pay Someone.”
  • Type in either the email address or mobile phone number, including area code, of the person you’d like to pay and then confirm it.
  • You can save the contact if you plan to send money to them in the future by checking the checkbox to remember the contact.
  • Check the box that says you acknowledge you have the recipient’s consent to send them an email or text message.
  • Enter a memo about the payment if you’d like and enter the dollar amount you’d like to send.
  • The first time you send money you’ll need to enter your debit card information. NOTE: You can only send money from your Home Federal Visa® Debit Card.
  • Check the box that accepts the terms of the service after reading them and click or tap “Send.”

Recipients will get a text message or email with a link to pick up the money. The link gives them the option of using their debit card, for immediate availability, or using their routing and account number, which can take 2-3 business days2.

You can select “Manage Contacts” while in the Pay Someone feature. This will allow you to assign nicknames to your frequent recipients. You’ll have the option of selecting these contacts from a drop-down menu when sending money.

You can review your transaction history from the Pay Someone menu by clicking or tapping “Transaction History.” This will let you review your payments that you have sent and also show you the status of the payments to see if the recipient has received the money.

Pay Someone FAQs

Pay Someone is safe because it lives behind the existing security of Online Banking and your Mobile Banking application. Pay Someone doesn’t require you or the recipient to create separate profiles or accounts and doesn’t require any additional application to be downloaded by anyone. Pay Someone can also send the money immediately, if the recipient’s bank accepts the funds via debit card, without charging any fees to the sender or recipient. That’s why we call it Safe, Easy, Fast, and Free1!

You can access the service in Online Banking by clicking “Pay Someone” in the accounts menu or in the Mobile Banking application by tapping “More” and then “Pay Someone.”

You can send money to any individual with a US based debit card or US based bank account. The recipient does not have to be a Home Federal customer.

There is a daily $500 limit that works on a rolling 24-hour period.

The recipient has two ways they can choose to receive the money. The recipient will receive the money immediately if they choose to receive the funds via debit card. The recipient will receive the money in 2 to 3 business days2 if they choose to provide their routing and account number, or if their financial institution will not accept the money via debit card.

Pay Someone is safe to use because you only need to know the recipient’s email or mobile phone number. None of the account information is shared between the sender and the recipient.

Pay Someone is free1 to the sender and the recipient.

Some financial institutions are not able to accept account-to-account transfers via debit card. Recipients are presented with a message alerting them to this when they attempt to accept the money. They are then given the opportunity to provide their routing and account number to receive the funds. This method will not provide the immediate availability of accepting via a debit card, but the recipient will receive the funds in 2 to 3 business days2 without issue.

Recipients have 10 days to collect the sent money before it is automatically returned to the sender.

Please contact the Home Federal Online Banking Department immediately at 865-541-6388 to attempt to cancel the payment. However, Home Federal cannot guarantee cancellation nor reimbursement of funds that were transferred per sender’s instructions.

1Cellular phone carrier charges may apply for internet access and text messaging. Contact your provider for information regarding those charges.

2A business day is every Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Reserve holidays.

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