Home Equity Term Loans

Leverage Your Home's Value

Scheduling a home improvement project, replacing an HVAC unit or investing in vehicle repairs? Though you may not have considered it, the equity you’ve invested in your home over time can help you access excellent loan rates, which can be leveraged for any number of needs.

Please note we are currently not accepting applications for Home Equity loans where a Financial Institution other than Home Federal Bank will retain the first mortgage.  If you would be interested in combining your existing mortgage with this current request, please contact us at the number above.


Our Home Equity Term Loans feature repayment schedules that provide for regular reductions of your balance. Monthly payments are calculated so that the loan will be completely paid by the end of its term, with no balloon payments or renegotiations necessary. Offers are subject to change and hinge on credit and collateral approval. Required terms include the following:

  • A minimum loan amount of $5,000
  • Closing costs starting at $600
  • A maximum loan-to-value ratio of 80%
  • Property insurance, including flood insurance (if applicable)


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