Non-Profit Lending

For generations we have had a special interest in assisting churches and other service organizations with financing needs. We have been doing church loans since 1924. Today we continue our focus of working with churches and their leadership to plan, finance, and construct new or existing facilities.


Whether it’s for renovations, adding new space, or for relocating, we can assist with your project.


Like businesses non-profits need loans to fund operations, purchase property, refinance a building, fundraising gaps equipment, or other needs.

Tax-Exempt Bond Financing

Availability of low-cost financing can help drive development of projects.

Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) Financing

Designed to help nonprofit, public, and private entities improve economic opportunities for low and moderate income communities.

Our Team

Brian Norris, a Home Federal Bank employee
Brian Norris (865) 541-6464 Market Street Office
Jonathan Mayfield, a Home Federal Bank employee
Jonathan Mayfield (865) 541-6544 Market Street Office
Ryan Massie, a Home Federal Bank employee
Ryan Massie (865) 541-5664 Market Street Office
Patrick Abbott
Patrick Abbott (865) 541-6593 Market Street Office
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