FDIC Money Smart Program

Financial empowerment means that a person feels in control of their money.

We are dedicated to providing resources and tools to help people make informed financial decisions.

One excellent and FREE resource we provide is the Money Smart education program provided by the FDIC. This is a set of online games designed to help people of all ages build knowledge and confidence in their financial abilities.

Learn about everyday financial topics through interactive games (examples):

  1. Money Values and Influences
  2. Making Housing Decisions
  3. Using Credit Cards
  4. Credit Reports and Scores
  5. Borrowing Basics

Anytime is the right time to teach children about money.

There is a special section just for Pre-K to teens. Gamification is a fun way to get them to learn the difference between “wants” and “needs” and simple fundamentals of good savings habits.

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Source: FDIC

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