Online Business Banking

Home Federal Bank's Online Business Banking offers solutions for many of your daily financial tasks. Your business can benefit from the same financial management tools available to major corporations. You can reduce time spent on routine tasks and help make day-to-day operations more efficient.

Our Online Business Banking product offers user-friendly screens with quick links that reduce workflow time and effort and give you access to online services whenever and wherever you want. Here is a quick summary of the key benefits you receive with onLine Business Banking:

Account Activity

  • Real-time account balances, transaction detail, and statement history
  • Export data to promote integration with accounts receivable and payable
  • Customize and generate daily detail and summary reports of account activity

Payments & Transfers

  • Create and schedule real-time account transfers to or from your Home Federal accounts
  • Submit online forms to Home Federal Bank to request initiation of wire transfers
  • Create and schedule a variety of ACH transactions to and from accounts at Home Federal Bank or other financial institutions
  • Remit required periodic tax payments to the federal government
  • Manage all payees and payments with a logical workflow process
  • View status of pending, recurring, past and future payments and transfers

Security – You Control Your Online Account Access

  • You have total control of your online account access
  • Administrators assign account and transaction rights to each user
  • Administrators add and delete users as personnel change

Cash Management

Online Business Banking Cash Management is a group of business banking services we specially tailored for your business' financial needs. Here is a summary of the options available:

  • Origination of ACH transactions
    • Payroll entries
    • Collection of payments [Subject to approval and applicable regulations]
    • Commercial entries
  • EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment Service)
  • Wire Transfer Requests
  • Bill Payments

For more information, please contact your local branch or call the Cash Management Department directly at 865-541-6015.

Cash Manager Menu Options

"ACH Origination" allows you to initiate electronic transfers between accounts at Home Federal Bank of TN and other financial institutions:


  • Payroll Batch (or Credit Batch)--Transfer funds from your account at Home Federal Bank to your employees' accounts at Home Federal Bank or other financial institutions
  • Collect Payment (or Debit Batch)--Collect one-time or recurring dues or fees by transferring funds to your account from consumer accounts at Home Federal Bank or other financial institutions. (These transactions are subject to applicable consumer protection laws.)


  • Credit Batch (CCD/CCD+)--Transfer funds from your account at Home Federal Bank to commercial accounts at Home Federal Bank or other financial institutions
  • Debit Batch (CCD/CCD+)--Collect one-time or recurring fees or invoices by transferring funds to your account from commercial accounts at Home Federal Bank or other financial institutions


  • Submit NACHA-formatted files to initiate Consumer (PPD) or Commercial (CCD) transactions

You can now send funds directly to the IRS for federal tax payments. The IRS refers to this as the CREDIT option. It creates a specially formatted ACH credit entry, sends it to the IRS, and charges your account for the total of the tax payment. Prior enrollment with the IRS is required.

You can pull daily detail and summary reports of activity on your accounts. You can customize reporting criteria to suit your particular needs. Once created, those reports may be exported in tab separated format to use with your accounting software to simplify tracking of income and expenses and for ease in creating financial reports.

Transfer between the accounts shown on the Accounts page with proper account level authority. Recurring transfers may be scheduled and you can view previous and pending account transfers.

This function allows you to complete a secure, web-based form to provide information necessary for submitting outgoing domestic wiring instructions. Additional documentation must be completed in order to initiate wire transfers. The cut-off time for all outgoing wires is 1:00 PM. EST. Wire Templates allow you to input wiring instructions for repetitive outgoing wire transfers and to restrict employee access to wire recipients.

Sub-User Administration allows you to assign different security levels within the company and control an individual user's access to accounts and the initiation of cash management transactions. The manager may add or delete users as personnel and job responsibilities change within the company as well as disable and reassign users as necessary. Dual control over cash managment transactions can be established to ensure further risk control.

Deposit Services


Home Federal’s express deposit service allows you to make deposits from your desk, saving the time and expense of a trip to the bank.  A compact desktop scanner captures the images of your checks, prepares a deposit ticket, and transmits the information to the bank via a secure connection. With express deposit service, you can make deposits to your Home Federal Bank account from multiple locations. You can even deposit from out of town offices. Express deposit service is quick, easy, and economical. You can make deposits as often as needed, giving you quicker access to deposited funds.

Please contact your account officer or branch manager for more information.