Online Business Banking

Secure Cash Flow & Real-Time Tracking

Home Federal Bank’s online business banking suite of services offers complete solutions for many of your daily financial tasks. Your business can benefit from the same financial management tools available to major corporations, as you reduce time spent on routine tasks and your day-to-day operations become more efficient.

Our online Business Banking product offers user-friendly access screens with quick links, reducing workflow time and effort while giving you access to online services whenever and wherever you want, including the following key benefits:

Business Enrollment

Monitor & Direct Your Account Activity

  • Real-time account balances, transaction detail and statement history
  • Export data to promote integration with accounts receivable and payable
  • Customize and generate daily detail and summary reports of account activity

Create, Schedule and Manage Your Payments & Transfers

  • Create and schedule real-time account transfers to or from your Home Federal accounts
  • Submit online forms to Home Federal Bank to request initiation of wire transfers
  • Create and schedule ACH transactions to and from accounts at HFB or other institutions
  • Remit required periodic tax payments to the federal government
  • Manage all payees and payments with a logical workflow process
  • View status of pending, recurring, past and future payments and transfers

Ensure Security by Controlling Your Online Account Access

  • You have total control of your online account access
  • Administrators assign account and transaction rights to each user
  • Administrators add and delete users as personnel change

Cash Management

Online Business Banking Cash Management is a group of business banking services we have tailored especially for the financial needs of your business.

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Express Deposit Services

Saves You Time & Money.

Home Federal’s express deposit service allows you to make deposits right from your desk, saving you the time and expense of a trip to the bank. A compact desktop scanner captures the images of your checks, prepares a deposit ticket and transmits the information to the bank via a secure connection. With express deposit service, you can make deposits to your Home Federal Bank account from multiple locations. You can even deposit from out-of-town offices. Express deposit service is quick, easy and economical. You can make deposits as often as needed, giving you quicker access to deposited funds. Please contact your account officer or branch manager for more information.

Positive Pay

An automated Fraud detection tool.

You have just one day to identify and report fraudulent activity on your business account, unfortunately it takes just one hit for your business account to be compromised. We’ve invested in new technology that alerts our subscribing businesses when an unapproved item is being presented by check or ACH. This allows business owners the control to approve or reject a transaction the same day. Don’t wait one more day to protect your money.

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Online Banking Services Fees

Business Basic (View & Transfers)FREE
Small Business Bill Pay$20/month
Online Banking With Cash Management Tools Plus Business Bill Pay$35/month
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