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Contactless payments are no longer the future of payment technology, but the present.

What is near field communication (NFC)?

NFC stands for “near field communication.” It’s the technology that allows smartphones and other devices to communicate with each other when they’re close together. NFC enables mobile payments, which are transactions that require no physical contact between the payments device and the payments reader.

Our payment solutions support all NFC brands, from the Card Associations’ “Tap to Pay” to the NFC Wallets such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. To trigger an NFC payment, you hold your credit card or smartphone up to an NFC reader. The devices have to be pretty close — a couple inches at the most.

The transaction time is really fast — the whole thing takes just seconds. It’s also really secure. For example Apple Pay works through Touch ID (Apple’s fingerprint technology); things are pretty locked down even if your phone is stolen. What’s more, contactless payments like Apple Pay contain multiple layers of dynamic encryption. The data associated with the cards you have on file is constantly changing. So even if fraudsters were somehow able to get in there, the information would be useless to them.

Clover Go Contactless Reader

Accept payments on the go, wherever you go. Securely and reliably accept credit and debit cards–including EMV chip cards–with ease, right from your smartphone or tablet. Clover Go is simple, flexible and secure with reliable support and intuitive reporting.

FD410 Wireless Terminal

The FD410 is a wireless, hand-held POS system with a full range of payment options. It uses 3G technology to connect over AT&T’s network. This device is durable for any industry and accepts all payment types such as credit, debit, personal paper checks, and gift cards. Ideal for industries that make home and business deliveries, trade shows and other services.

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Clover FLEX

Easy to hold and easy to hand over to customers to dip, swipe, tap, sign or enter a PIN, Clover Flex delivers the ultimate in flexibility and simplicity in a single device. The Flex has a built-in printer and bar-code scanner, with an optional 4G data plan.

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