Business Accounts & Services

At Home Federal Bank, we offer checking accounts that can be matched to the particular needs of your organization, plus a full complement of related services to enable you to conduct your day to day business in an efficient and effective manner.

Regular Business Checking

Our Regular Business Checking Account will service the needs of most businesses. Our pricing is moderate, and your balances earn credit toward offsetting your cost. Interest-bearing options are available for sole proprietorships and non-profit organizations.

Small Business Checking

If you expect only light activity on your account (the number of checks written and number of items deposited), then you may be able to benefit from special discount pricing through our Small Business Checking Account.

Health Savings Accounts

  • What is an HSA? An HSA is a tax-sheltered account for employees covered by a high deductible health plan. This account allows employees to set aside money for qualified medical expenses, tax-free.

  • Why is it good for your company? Cost savings. High-deductible health plans (required for HSAs) dramatically lower health insurance costs for your business and your employees. You'll save considerable administrative work since employees manage their own accounts.

  • Why is it good for your employees? HSAs provide exceptional tax advantages and affordability. They're also completely flexible, allowing employees to carry over funds between calendar years or job changes.

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Deposit Services

Cash Management

Our cash management services are designed to help you manage and make the most of your cash position. We can keep your idle cash invested through our "sweep" service and help minimize your internal float through "zero balance" accounts. You can monitor your balances and effect internal account transfers online, and you can move funds externally through ACH and Wire Transfer.

Wire Transfer

You may send from and receive funds into your Home Federal Bank checking account via Fedwire. Fedwire is an online communications network, operated by the U.S. Federal Reserve System. Funds transfers are final, ie., they cannot be cancelled once they have been executed, thus assuring speed and security of all transfers.


ACH is an acronym for Automated Clearing House. ACH is a nationwide network of financial institutions established to facilitate the electronic transfer of funds between these institutions and their customers. You can originate payments to vendors and employees and collections from your customers via the ACH network. ACH eliminates the costs and potential errors associated with preparing and mailing paper checks, facilitates reconciliation of your accounts and speeds payments.

Direct Payroll Deposit

As an employer, you can send payroll remittances directly to your employees' bank accounts via the ACH network. Direct Payroll Deposit eliminates the costs of preparing and distributing paper checks, and increases productivity by eliminating employee trips to the bank to deposit payroll checks. Employees may receive their pay when they are sick or on vacation. Direct Payroll Deposit is safe, reliable and convenient for you and your employees.

Electronic Tax Payments (EFTPS)

Your Tax payments may be sent to the Treasury Department electronically via the ACH network. Whether you have elected to initiate your own tax payments or phone the information to the IRS and have those payments debited from your account, we can facilitate the remittance of your tax payment in a timely, secure and reliable manner.