Financial How Tos

Steps To Take If Your Identity Is Stolen

According to a recent study, 15 million consumers were victims of identity theft, with criminals using that personal information to create $24 billion in losses. ID theft is a real problem. Here are some steps to take if you should ever become the victim of this crime.

Seven Ideas for Successfully Saving

One of the best ways to save is to open a separate account at your financial institution and create a monthly (or more often) electronic transfer to move some money from your checking account into the savings account. The real key here is to get it out of your checking account so you can’t spend it.

Financial Literacy for Teens

When it comes to teaching adolescents and teens the keys to financial literacy, there’s always room to improve. And while strides have been made by some schools in the United States to require a more defined financial literacy curriculum, the need persists for a more solid program for teaching the elements young people will need to stay on solid financial footing throughout life.

Be Vigilant When Shopping Online

You’ve been searching for a very popular squishy stuffed animal that’s sold out or on backorder everywhere. Then, an ad pops up on Facebook or Instagram, offering the very toy you’ve been trying to track down. Or maybe the item appears on an auction site with a much lower than expected “buy it now” price. Did you just win the lottery? Probably not.

Retirement Readiness

Life is full of “first” experiences to be cherished, and “first” experiences we may wish we had avoided.

New “first” experiences continue to arise as we age, from wonderful experiences such as the birth of a grandchild to dreaded experiences such as aching joints and adjusting to new physical limits. But we don’t have to touch the stove to learn that it’s hot, we can learn that from others’ experiences too.

Make the Most of Your First Paycheck

Getting that first job after college or high school is very exciting, yet stressful. You have many new challenges, opportunities, and commitments. And you likely have a lot of questions. One of the biggest new challenges may be the management of money and personal finance.

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